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Our P&ID software PlantEngineer has been used with success in various branches of process plant design and construction. 

Read about the improvements and benefits customers have experienced in the automobile, chemical, pharmaceutical, life science, environmental and energy sectors through the use of PlantEngineer. 

On request we will send you a comprehensive list of references. Please send us an email at: info@x-visual.com 

Screenshot Userface PID Software PlantEngineer used by Brockhaus Umwelt SARA
Brockhaus Umwelt SARA truck in front of plnat

The PlantEngineer software convinces the supplier for exhaust air and wastewater treatment plants Brockhaus Umwelt by fast installation, intelligent functions, easy usability and competent customer support. The P&ID serves as the start document for the entire manufacturing process and is also an accompanying document for plant safety.

A black car is powder painted with the help of DUERR technologies

The creation of the commissioning documentation for Dürr's paint shops was very time-consuming. The reason was the files in different data formats used as a basis: Drawings in CAD, tables in Excel format, and in some cases Word documents. Double counts, transmission errors or contradictory information were the result.

A grey car is painted with the help of DUERR technologies

The creation of the commissioning documentation was cumbersome and time-consuming. The reason for this were the drawings and schematics used as a basis, which were available in a wide variety of formats and had to be condensed into one document.

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