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PlantEngineer Professional Edition

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An important feature in the PlantEngineer Professional Edition is the “Function List”.

The key focus of the PlantEngineer Professional Edition is evaluation and documentation. Benefit from a large number of predefined component lists, datasheets, and documentation created directly in Microsoft Excel and Word. Import and export data via Microsoft Excel or XML to keep your project data consistent.

Functionality for basic and detailed engineering

The PlantEngineer Professional Edition supports users who wish to create a wide range of reports or multilingual documents and exchange data with other systems.

Functions of the Professional Edition

Labeling system Reports Export of lists

Automatic Labeling System

Automatic numbering facilitates the assignment and editing of asset numbers and ensures fluid work. Manual numbering according to your specifications is also possible.

  • Autonumbering according to DIN28000
  • Autonumbering with own numbering system
  • Autonumbering for 2 number ranges (internal and customer numbering system)
  • Change of numbers for the drawing or selected plant components

Reports in Word & Excel directly from the P&ID

Create multilingual lists, data sheets, instructions and commissioning documentation in Microsoft Excel or Word directly from the flowsheet.

  • Each component is an object and is therefore uniquely assignable
  • Component list, pipe list, apparatus list, aggregate list, electrical consumer list, ICA lists, nozzle list
  • Datasheets for apparatuses, aggregates, and pumps
  • System descriptions, functional descriptions, and commissioning reports
  • MultiReports allows you to create more than one report at the same time

Import/export of user-defined lists

Output data to customized lists and re-import changes.

  • The bidirectional data interface enables collaboration with other departments, partners or suppliers.
  • Changes are seamlessly applied and the drawing and list are kept up-to-date
  • Everyone works with the current data and synchronized drawing data

Professional Edition focus

  • Design P&IDs that comply with industry standards “out of the box”
  • Evaluation and documentation during basic and detailed engineering, as well as during procurement, right up until plant operation

Professional Edition tasks

  • Multilingual reports, datasheets, and manuals in Microsoft Excel and Word
  • Interfaces with other systems

Advantages of PlantEngineer Professional at a glance

Ready to use – get started with your projects straight away

Prompts for relevant property fields

Implement your ideas & concepts immediately without any training

Validation and quality assurance

Representative P&IDs with symbols that comply with industry standards

Default measurement units and automatic conversion

Drawing mode for best performance

Open interfaces with other systems

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