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PlantEngineer Basic Edition

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The PlantEngineer Basic Edition is equipped with the “Project Assistant” feature.

With the PlantEngineer Basic Edition, you can get started with the drawing process “out of the box” without any knowledge of CAD. Draw intelligent flow diagrams and P&IDs with ISO 10628, DIN 2429, and your own symbols. Automatically generate component lists in Microsoft Excel.

Quick to get started, easy to learn, intuitive to use

Install PlantEngineer and Microsoft Visio in just a few minutes and get started with drawing flow diagrams and P&IDs straight away.

Intelligent features such as easy pipe splitting and recombining allow you to work seamlessly. The connection points of the symbols automatically adapt to the grid to make scaling easier. The autonozzle function automatically adds nozzles between apparatuses and aggregates or lines. Components are automatically labelled in accordance with DIN 28000 and can be renumbered.

Functions of the Basic Edition

Symbols Component list Export of lists

Symbols according to ISO10628, DIN28000, ANSI/ISA-5.1-2009, and PIP

Access more than 1,000 intelligent symbols form international industrial standards and create your own symbols to meet your individual requirements.

  • ISO 10628 – Diagrams for the chemical and petrochemical industry
  • DIN 28000 – Chemical apparatus – Documentation in the life cycle of process plants
  • DIN 1861 – Refrigerating systems and heat pumps – System flow diagrams and piping and instrument diagrams
  • DIN EN 12792- Ventilation for buildings – Symbols, terminology and graphical symbols
  • DIN EN 62424 – Representation of process control engineering – Requests in P&I diagrams and data exchange between P&ID tools and PCE-CAE tools
  • DIN 19227-1 – Control technology; graphical symbols and identifying letters for process control engineering; symbolic representation for functions
  • ANSI-ISA-5.1 – Instrumentation Symbols and Identification
  • PIP PIC001- Piping and Instrumentation Diagram – Documentation Criteria

Component list

Create a list of all components of the P&IDs

  • output all aggregates, apparatus, valves or piping components to a list for suppliers, purchasing or specialist departments

Export of user-defined lists

Create a list according to your requirements

  • select the predefined property fields for the display and arrangement of the table columns
  • define your own list for the export of the data relevant for y

Basic Edition focus

  • Design P&IDs that comply with industry standards “out of the box”
  • Create concepts during basic engineering, pre-engineering, and sales
  • Automatically generate component lists in Microsoft Excel

Basic Edition tasks

  • Focus on drawing P&IDs
  • Pre-engineering and basic engineering
  • Technical drawing
  • First drafts of concepts or process plants

Advantages of PlantEngineer Basic at a glance

Ready to use – get started with your projects straight away

Export component lists to Microsoft Excel

Implement your ideas & concepts immediately without any training

Easy to modify and extend

Quick to get started, easy to learn, intuitive to use

Predefined colors to highlight modifications

Representative flow diagrams with symbols that comply with industry standards

Basis for communication with experts and customers