MR4B - Mixed Reality for Business

VR & AI applications for SMEs in the WIR! region of Berlin and the surrounding area

X-Visual ist Initiator und Koordinator vom WIR!-Bündnis MR4B - Mixed Reality for Business
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In 2022, X-Visual Technologies launched the WIR! alliance MR4B – Mixed Reality for Business.

In the WIR! alliance MR4B, mixed reality-based software solutions and device combinations are developed and applied in conjunction with AI technologies for the entire corporate ecosystem.

The aim is to establish a competence center for industrial mixed reality applications and AI for the Berlin region and the surrounding area.

X-Visual is not only involved as an alliance coordinator, but also as an active project partner. KEPLER, a collaborative mixed reality platform for engineering in plant construction, is currently being developed under the project management of HTW Berlin.

The WIR! alliance MR4B at a glance

Shaping the transformation of industry with mixed reality!

Our vision

In our WIR! alliance MR4B – Mixed Reality For Business – companies, science and technology providers get together with the aim of strengthening the regional economy for the future through the use of innovative technologies.

Together, we are researching and developing low-threshold mixed reality applications for industry and industry-related trades. Our innovation network is growing continuously and supports its partners through networking, knowledge exchange, visibility and the realization of project ideas. 

Our goals

In the WIR! alliance MR4B, practical and easily accessible mixed reality solutions in conjunction with AI technologies are being developed and applied across alliances. This enables industrial companies and industry-related trades to actively shape structural change in Berlin and Brandenburg.

Our alliance supports companies in the development of new, innovative processes and business models, thereby strengthening their competitiveness and future viability. Mixed reality is being established as an integral part of the modern workplace, creating new, attractive jobs.

Our partners

In the WIR! alliance MR4B, companies network with science and research institutions as well as technology providers and stakeholders from business and society. Our open alliance is growing continuously – get in touch with us! 

The WIR! alliance is coordinated by the Adlershof-based software company X-Visual Technologies and funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. 

X-Visual as MR4B project partner

The KEPLER project is developing a mixed reality application for 3D layout planning in industrial plant construction that integrates data models from building planning (BIM) and the process industry (DEXPI).

In the highly complex planning projects of plant construction, all trades involved are thus enabled to work together on a common database in a time- and resource-efficient manner.

The collaborative multi-user approach simplifies early (pre- and basic) engineering and strengthens communication and the exchange of experience between all project participants. This creates a system model that is coordinated by all trades early on in the planning process, which can be exported for further use in applications for detailed planning.

The MR4SafeOperations project is developing mixed reality and IoT-supported processes to accompany, support and document routine operating and maintenance work (O&M) in hazardous environments of industrial plants.

Manual work processes, such as taking samples or reading out measurement data, as well as communication between B&W personnel and the control room, are facilitated using smart glasses and hands-free information, and working times in hazardous environments are reduced.

The aim is to enable the broad application of mixed reality end devices and IoT technologies in industrial environments and thus significantly increase the working conditions and safety of B&W personnel.

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