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Get to know our company X-Visual Technologies

X-Visual Technologies GmbH is a medium-sized, founder-managed software developer in Berlin that publishes innovative engineering software for the process industry.

X-Visual stands for sustainable corporate development and gives its employees the freedom to develop their potential.

Our P&ID software PlantEngineer isn’t set in stone. We continue to develop it thanks to a constant dialogue with our customers and partners. This development process is also enriched by experience from customer projects, meetings with users, and inspiration from active participation in industrial committees. We use conferences as a platform to engage in discussions with our customers and to present solutions.

Expertise at first hand

Our team consists of software developers, process engineers, electrical engineers, economists, and Microsoft Visio and mixed reality specialists.

“My ambition is to offer easy-to-use and intelligent P&ID for plant engineering that everyone can use. Microsoft Visio is the right platform for this, being easy to use and yet still a powerful tool.”
– Wolfgang Welscher – Founder and CEO

“Software is a path and thrives on change. New customer requirements and technologies require constant learning and development. Our integrated concept allows us to support customers with software implementation and sustainably improve the organization of companies. Developing a shared understanding of work processes alongside people from other departments is fascinating to me.”
– Jenny Orantek – General Manager

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Strong partnerships to drive new technologies forward

Microsoft Visio Partner

Since 2003, we have been part of the exclusive circle of Microsoft Partners, and we are among the top 10 partners worldwide. Microsoft only awards this partnership to highly qualified technology companies, giving them special access to Microsoft expertise. By regularly participating in conferences, we continue to expand the Visio community and benefit from a close exchange of expertise with other Visio partners as an active member of this community.

In collaboration with Microsoft, we drive innovative technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality forward to make them tangible. For the Hannover Messe, in collaboration with the Microsoft Visio developer team, we developed scenarios for Microsoft Visio 3D in the field of process facility planning and PlantEngineer 360 degrees and presented them to a broad international audience. Working with Microsoft allows us to bring the ideas of the future more quickly into the process industry and communicate user requirements directly for the further development of Microsoft Visio.

A strong duo at the Hannover Messe – X-Visual and the Microsoft Visio Team present mixed reality solutions for the process industry.

Technical University of Berlin​

The Process Dynamics and Operations Group (d|b|t|a) at the Technical University of Berlin conducts research in optimal process development and optimized process operations for process and chemical plants. Using their own mini-plants and pilot plants, they develop and realize novel processes and optimized control methods, thereby acquiring valuable process experience that is equivalent to long-term industrial operations. The d|b|t|a group stands at the forefront of digitalization in the process industry, with experience in real-time data communication with process plants over OPC UA, data-driven modeling, real-time optimization, and data integration during process development and operation.

Together with the d|b|t|a group, X-Visual Technologies has recreated real laboratory systems in virtual reality and enhanced them with additional information from the P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagram). The research project “Interoperability in Plant Planning – Industry 4.0” forged innovative links with process simulation data and plant measurement data. Additional joint research projects such as ENPRO III or ZIM are planned in the future to continue this collaboration.

PlantEngineer is successfully used in the lecture course “Computer-Aided Plant Planning” and also supports future engineers with their projects and theses.

HTW Berlin – Creative Media Research Group

Creative Media – Research and Development is a research group at the Research Center for Culture and Computer Science (FKI) of HTW Berlin whose activities explore the broad tension between interactive media, learning cultures, brands, and innovative technologies. Under the leadership of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carsten Busch (HTW Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Regina Frieß (HTW Berlin), the team is researching the viability of applying interactive media technologies and concepts to cultural and economic contexts, as well as the applicability of these ideas within creative processes.

Together with the Creative Media research group, X-Visual is researching future-oriented topics relating to technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Several joint research projects have already been successfully implemented in the context of industrial plant planning.

President Prof. Carsten Busch (center), Jenny Orantek and Wolfgang Welscher from X-Visual at the APITs-Day 2019

University of applied sciences Frankfurt

The Bioprocess Engineering course at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences is an interdisciplinary or so-called “interface” discipline. Bioprocess engineers work with biology, chemistry, process engineering, general engineering.

The lecture course successfully uses the P&ID software PlantEngineer to create professional flow diagrams that comply with industry standards. The creation of the most important document in process engineering, together with practical work on the flow diagram, complements the theoretical parts of the lecture course and bridges the gap between theory and practice.

FaciWare - Facility Software

FaciWare are software specialists for easy-to-use, practically oriented, and inexpensive software solutions for managing real estate and infrastructural facilities (Computer-Aided Facility Management – or CAFM for short).

Their key focus is saving costs by optimizing the utilization of buildings and properties. Having an overview of facilities gives complete transparency and provides a basis for well-founded management decisions.