P&ID meets Virtual Reality

VR plant layout in Visio 3D

By visualizing your plant layout in 3D, project team members and customers are involved in the early phases of engineering. Conflicts identified at an early stage help to avoid planning errors.

Create a 2D plant layout in Visio based on your P&ID and generate a walk-through VR plant model.

Virtual reality already in the pre-engineering of process plants

Create layout plans with little effort

Import functions for 3D models of system components from external catalogs or CAD systems enable the use of existing data.

The floor plan can be imported and edited from other systems.

Imported 3D models are placed on the floor plan of the system.

Visualization of building and plant models in virtual reality

A 3D model is generated on the basis of the layout plan, in which the user can move freely with the VR application and move, add or delete system components. This gives the user an initial idea of the planning at an early stage.

Editing the plant layout in VR

System components are moved or scaled in VR. New components can be added and additional properties can be displayed or edited. Changes are synchronized directly with the 2D view.

Recognizing conflicts and variants early on

The 3D layout planning makes it easy to run through the installation steps and immediately visualize space requirements and safety zones. The designed plant becomes spatially comprehensible.

Optimization in pre-engineering increases planning quality and avoids errors. Planning errors identified at an early stage lead to considerable cost savings.

Visio 3D for your company?

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The X-Visual Team is your
specialist for P&ID software

Our areas of expertise

Specialists in P&ID software

Easy-to-use engineering software based on Microsoft Visio for intelligent P&IDs. Create standard-compliant flow diagrams with automatic labeling and technical component data and generate component lists, datasheets, pipe lists directly from the P&ID.

Digital transformation

The P&ID provides the navigation structure for the plant. Thanks to service-oriented interfaces, you connect different software systems and realize the digital thread for the plant. Optimize your business processes, data integration, ERP interface, 3D, electrical systems.

Data standards

Uniform data standards are crucial when implementing the digital transformation. That’s why we collaborate with partners to design standards for data and information exchange such as DEXPI (Data Exchange in the Process Industry) and VDI guidelines.

Bridge-building process technology & automation

We connect the process engineering and automation. The process engineer can plan ahead and visualize the automation requirements through Coloured P&IDs.

Innovation ecosystem

Together with universities and industrial partners, we research the technology of the future, such as modular systems, mixed reality, and artificial intelligence in the process industry.