P&ID software for power user

PlantEngineer Enterprise Edition

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The PlantEngineer Enterprise Edition is also equipped with the feature “Media Visualization”.

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Another important feature of the PlantEngineer Enterprise Edition is the “Label Designer”.

The MultiTool for P&IDs

With the P&ID software edition PlantEngineer Enterprise you get all the functions you need for the tasks around the P&ID. It creates the highest flexibility in your project work with the modules PipeManager, OperationMode and ReportManager. The following functions and tools are included:

  • ReportManager to adapt reports to customer requirements
  • MultiReports to create more than one report at the same time
  • PipeManager to manage your piping systems, review their consistency and plausibility, and create pipe lists
  • OperationModes to visualize and document the operating statuses of your plant. Plant statuses are shown in color directly in the piping and instrumentation diagram (P&ID)
  • Operating statuses serve as a basis for programming or generating operating instructions

The P&ID as navigator for the plant.

The P&ID serves as a navigation structure for your process plant and contains all the information you need about the most important plant components. Identifiers allow you to establish technical connections with your ERP or business systems, for example during electrical planning.

With the PlantEngineer Enterprise Edition, you can exchange data with other systems. This forms the basis for the plant’s digital thread. Any distributed data and information are kept up-to-date and available at any time whenever you need them – this improves data and project quality.

Functions of the Enterprise Edition

ReportDesigner Pipe managementOperationMode Export of lists

ReportDesigner - Customize reports for each customer

Customize your reports to meet your specific information requirements without needing any programming and create lists, datasheets, descriptions, safety descriptions in the blink of an eye.

  • Easily design your reports with drag and drop
  • Data representation as tables, text, graphics, and nested table elements
  • Complex reports with integrated graphics and variable text elements
  • Integration of external data sources (SQL, OBDC, XML, JSON)
  • Integration of custom VB or C# scripts

Pipe management

Define, edit, and analyze your pipe systems with the PipeManager.

  • Assign pipe numbers
  • Nominal diameters and pipe classes can be inherited
  • Consistency and plausibility verification
  • Pipe lists with pipe components and start and end points

OperationMode – Visualize and document different operating modes

The OperationMode feature allows you to visualize and document various aspects of the plant status.

  • Visualize and document the plant operating status in color (colored P&IDs)
  • Status matrix in Excel for easier editing
  • Status matrix provides a foundation for programming

Import/export of user-defined lists

Output data to customized lists and re-import changes.

  • The bidirectional data interface enables collaboration with other departments, partners or suppliers.
  • Changes are seamlessly applied and the drawing and list are kept up-to-date
  • Everyone works with the current data and synchronized drawing data

Enterprise Edition focus

Design P&IDs “out of the box”

Vorplanung der Automatisierung


Entwurf eigener Reports und Verbindung mit externen Datenquellen

Dokumentation in Word, Excel, PDF, XML oder JSON

Betriebsanleitung mit Visualisierung der Anlagenzustände

Enterprise Edition tasks

Focus on the P&ID as a lifecycle document for your plant

Basic & detailed engineering

Approval planning

Tools for initial concepts right up until system operation

Advantages of the Enterprise Edition at a glance

Ready to use – get started with your projects straight away

MultiReports and document creation

Implement your ideas & concepts immediately without any training

Easy to modify and extend

Quick to get started, easy to learn, and intuitive to use

Predefined colors for highlighting changes

Representative piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) with industrially compliant symbols

Digital thread as a basis for communicating with experts and customers

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