Dürr systems Ltd

„With PlantEngineer we are now able to produce our plant documentation in three to four days: once this took us up to four weeks.“

Thomas Klenge, Development Engineer, Dürr Systems GmbH

Logo X-Visual customer reference Chemiewerk Bad Köstritz

„The advantages of PlantEngineer are the improvement in the quality of docu-mentation and the time savings in management of the facility. Consistent data results in fewer errors. The whole documentation is done in a fraction of the time it took prior to implementation of the software.“

Hannes Kärner (B.Eng., MBA), Project Engineer, Chemiewerk Bad Köstritz GmbH

Logo Consulting Nussbaumer-en

„The investment in PlantEngineer was amortized within a single project. This result, in addition to the user-friendly interface and the high flexibility of the application, has convinced us of its value.“

Dr. Michael Nussbaumer, CEO, ce-nussbaumer

X-Visual Microsoft Partner

„Our solution partners stand out for their technical competence and innovative capability. By using and linking to the newest Microsoft technologies X-Visual develops sophisticated and integrated solutions for the design and construction of process plants.“

Florian Müller, Product Marketing Manager Project & Visio, Microsoft Deutsch-land GmbH