Symbol libraries satisfying ISO, DIN, PIP and ANSI/ ISA

Library symbols satisfy industry standards

Get access to over 1.000 smart symbols and MultiShapes of ISO10628-2, DIN28000, DIN1861, DIN EN 12792, PIP and ANSI/ISA-5.1-2009. MultiShapes enable simple switching from basic to complex ones. With the comprehensive library you can create your P&IDs even faster and intuitive.


Create your own intelligent symbols with properties

Create intelligent symbols regarding company standard

You can create your own library symbols by using PlantEngineer‘s additional property shapes like apparatus, aggregates and pipe components. Create your own library symbols with customer-specific samples, procurement units, package units and assembly units.


Save assembly units automatically as mastershape

Save assembly units as master shape

Defining assembly units is now much easier then ever before. By selecting all required symbols you can create individual assembly units of your plant very quickly and uncomplicated. The assembly units are available for your projects in your own library at any time.


Easy component tagging with auto numbering regarding DIN28000

Automatic tagging function

The tagging function enables automatic numbering of all symbols including your own. You can choose between automatic or manual numbering. Symbols with intelligent tags get their associated prefix like P1 for pump.


Transfer shape properties to another shape

Symbol properties and labeling system

The function “paste data“ allows a fast copy and transfer of properties from one to another symbol.
You can select which information and data shall be transfered just by few clicks. Choose between visible properties, data sets, values of operation states, line color or place all properties of the symbol. Parallel management of internal and customer-labeling scheme. Free selectable labeling formats with validation (DIN, KKS, etc.). Components automatically inherit the affiliation to the project, plant section and functional unit measurements. Symbols have features in accordance with their type component.


When connecting the pipeline, nozzles are set automatically

Dynamic connectors and auto nozzles

Rapid drawing of flow diagrams and P&IDs with intelligent symbols, as well as easy insertion and deletion of components though dynamic piping. The automatic nozzle generations speeds up drawing even more. Document the plant‘s nozzles and apparatuses thanks the pre-designed nozzle list. Create the list per mouse click. The nozzle list consists of information about the connected pipes, nominal diameters, pressure stages, materials and media.


Define standard units for unit groups like temperature or leght

Define standard units

You can define which unit shall be used as standard in your process flow sheet diagram for each deposited unit group like temperature, legth and area. By easy switching in the property list the inserted value will be converted into any other unit of this group.


Pre-defined reports and documents for the project documentation and MultiReports for fast reports

MultiReports for fast documentation

Use the pre-defined reports for parts lists, measurement and control lists in Excel. Automatically create descriptions of the system, data sheets, handbooks and commissioning documentation in Word. Create individual reports in an instant. Select all components that you want to document in a list by one click. Choose the reports which should be created and updated at once. By using MultiReports you can create the whole documentation of your plant in a few steps.


Visualize the planning status with “Color by Value”

Visualize the planning status with “Color by Value”

The planning status of each component can be visualized by colors. When changing the component status in the propertiy list the color of the selected symbol changes automatically. This allows a quick view on the planning progress of your construction.


Customize your P&IDs and reports with the company logo and information

Adaptation to your coporate identity

Deposit the company information and the logo of your company in different image resolutions as a template. The logo and information will be integrated in all reports in Excel, Word and PDF automatically. Complex customizing is not necessary.


Plausibility checking function for avoiding errors and inconsistency

Validation and quality control

Errors and inconsistencies can be shown by means of a plausibility test. Determination of errors at an early stage of the project means that costly changes at the construction site can be avoided.


Exchange project data via open data interfaces

Data management

Project data can be exchanged bidirectionally with third-party systems like spreadsheet  procurement, ERP, calculations and 3D presentations on the basis of standard formats such as XML. Import and export data to Excel and XML documents.

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