„What tasks can PlantEngineer be used for?“

PlantEngineer is an application for the design and documentation of industrial plants on the basis of Microsoft Visio. The software makes it possible for process technicians and process, service and operating engineers to create process-flow diagrams and P&IDs (piping and instrumentation diagrams) easily and intuitively. PlantEngineer expands the functionality of Visio by the addition of special functions for engineering and saves all relevant plant data in a databank. There are further practical functions defined on this central data foundation – for example, the workers at the construction site can save the commissioning information in the databank. Then at the end of the project in the same databank the commissioning documentation is automatically enhanced by detailed drawings and plant data in a table form. A further central function is the automatic printing in Microsoft Word and Excel of functional lists and data sheets with information such as order numbers, nominal widths and electric parameters. This means that such data is already accessible at an early stage of the planning. There is no need then for a time-consuming and costly manual entry of the data.


„What are the target groups for PlantEngineer?“

All team members of a plant construction project can work with PlantEngineer. The application offers process technicians and process, service and operating engineers a comprehensive set of functions and tools for the design and documentation of industrial process plants. Project-relevant data and information is presented in different views to project team members from the departments sales, basic design, procurement, construction, as well as installation and commissioning. PlantEngineer also offers advantages to plant operators: the quality of the documentation and data presented to the operators is significantly improved.


„What are the practical advantages that PlantEngineer offers in comparison with other applications? “

PlantEngineer has been especially created on the basis of close analysis of actual practice for presenting the functional structure of industrial process plants. All processes and functions of the software have been developed specifically for use in process technology. This enhances the effectiveness of the application significantly.

The great advantage of working with PlantEngineer is that the data produced in the basic engineering phase can also be used throughout the whole life-cycle of the plant. Data exchange with other systems is much easier than with other programs because the software has been programmed to be very flexible so that it can be easily integrated into the existing company IT structure. Further, in order to offer the users the highest quality possible, we adapt PlantEngineer to their individual needs.

For companies with international teams and customers the dynamic change of language in the drawings and in documents facilitates work significantly, enhancing the concluding documentation as well. Quick navigation within a P&ID is achieved by means of a structural view in PlantEngineer that resembles that of Windows-Explorer.


„How long does it take one to learn to work with the application?“

The training requirement for PlantEngineer and Microsoft Visio is minimal. After a short introduction of two to three hours employees even without knowledge of Visio or CAD already are able to start working with the application.


„Is Visio suitable for complex plant structures? “

It is. Using PlantEngineer and Microsoft Visio our customers create drawings up to size A0, with width factor 5, with several thousand components. It pays to switch to Microsoft Visio as the graphics program is very powerful, flexible and intuitively easy to learn.


„Which databank formats are supported by PlantEngineer?“

Tests we have performed show that the highest performance is achieved with Microsoft SQL-Server 2012


„Can I integrate PlantEngineer into my ERP system?“

The use of XML makes possible the export and import of data with other systems. Dürr Systems, for example, synchronizes the data from the drawings with order information from its SAP system. It is possible to link PlantEngineer to other ERP systems or third party systems.


„And how do I manage the data obtained?“

Very simple – not at all. PlantEngineer updates your databank au-tomatically as soon as you make any change in your document. All changes in the drawing and the databank are synchronized. This guarantees that the plant status you are working with is always up-to-date.


„How long will it take until the investment in the application has been amortized?“

PlantEngineer, in its use of symbols, concepts and designations, creates a quality standard throughout the whole company. Data redundancy is avoided and the quality of both the project and the documentation is enhanced. The reduced planning times and the automatic creation of the commissioning documentation result in a significant reduction in work-time. Improved quality combined with a reduced planning time means that the investment in PlantEngineer is rapidly amortized.

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