On the basis of Microsoft Office Visio©, PlantEngineer enables you to create and edit process-flow diagrams and P&IDs that conform to industry standards.

  1. Easy to learn, intuitive handling

    Thanks to the Office Fluent user interface you can create object-oriented, process-flow diagrams without previously CAD knowledge. In addition, the user requires minimal training for learning the software

  2. Engineering processes are presented in a structured and efficient manner

    Complex processes are presented clearly and comprehensively, thanks to innovative Microsoft technologies and Visio functions enhanced specifically for use in the design and construction of process-based industrial plants.

  3. The P&ID is the central plant life-cycle document

    The foundation here is a central databank and user-specific views. Throughout the whole plant life-cycle project members from the areas of sales, design, procurement, construction, commissioning and operation have access to consistent data as needed.

  4. Easy integration into IT standards

    Automatic exported data from Excel and Word reports help to avoid costly errors. Data exchange can be facilitated by open interfaces to a  third-party such as 3D, ERP,and Microsoft SharePoint.

  5. Maintain quality standards throughout the company

    Create flow diagrams and process diagrams with symbols satisfying industry standards (ISO 10628, DIN 2429), as well as with symbols satisfying company-proprietary standards

  6. Steady flow of data

    Media disruption is eliminated, internal communication is improved. There is no need for costly time coordination between different departments of the company.

  7. Centralized data

    A central databank improves the exchange and management of the information. Changes are constantly synchronized with the same databank, which enhances quality. As a result all project team members are able to see what changes have been made.

  8. Automatic reports directly from the P&IDs

    articles lists, measurment and control lists, appliances lists, instructions lists, store data can be automatically addressed to Word and Excel sheets. A bidirectional data interface enables the import and export of data.

  9. Great Adaptability

    Quick and easy adaptation to company-specific and customer-specific requirements, for this reason the work result to be more efficient and productive. Regardless the size of the company or the project.

  10. High cost-effectiveness

    PlantEngineer has an optimal price-benefit thanks to modest investment, short training and convenient process costs.

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