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X-Visual is project partner of ENPRO 2.0 ORCA

X-Visual is a member of the 2nd funding phase of the ENPRO initiative (ENPRO 2.0). The software company participates in the project ENPRO 2.0 ORCA, which pursues the topic “Efficient orchestration of modular plants”. X-Visual contributes its software competence in various sub-projects and works together with project partners such as Merck, Samson, the Technische Universit├Ąt Dresden and Wago. Work results are regularly presented and promoted in meetings.

Since November 2017, the first projects from the 2nd funding phase of the ENPRO initiative are running. The following projects are currently the ENPRO initiative:

  • ORCA – Efficient orchestration of modular plants
  • SkaMPi – Interdisciplinary methodology for the planning and development of resource-efficient processes
  • TeiA – Separation process with efficient and intelligent devices

Project ORCA – Efficient orchestration of modular plants

The chemical industry is one of the economic sectors in Germany that produce the most energy-intensive and whose production processes still have significant energy-saving potential. A distinction must be made here between production in the petrochemical industry or of basic chemicals, which is already running continuously and very energy-efficiently, and production in the pharmaceutical, fine and specialty chemicals sectors. The latter takes place mainly in batch mode in multi-product plants with an annual production of often only a few tonnes. Greater energy efficiency, given the flexibility requirements, can be achieved by switching to a continuous mode of operation when the appliances are reusable and produced in modular plants where modules can be easily assembled or exchanged for capacity, innovation, or to ensure product flexibility. However, there is a lack of cross-manufacturer and interdisciplinary standards, methods, models and procedures for concrete implementation.

In the EPRO 2.0 ORCA project, plant operators, module manufacturers, automation companies, system integrators, authorities and universities work together to derive process engineering, safety technology and automation technology as integrated concepts for modular, intelligent and flexibly designed production plants. The interfaces and the behavior of the modules are tailored to the methods, models and tools to be developed in ENPRO 2.0 ORCA for the orchestration, approval and virtual commissioning of modular plants. The basic feasibility of the module concept is demonstrated in reference implementations on a laboratory and pilot scale. Finally, the interfaces and information models developed in the project will be actively integrated into current standardization work at NAMUR, ProcessNet, ZVEI, GMA and DKE. The project duration is 36 months with the project start on 1 November 2017.

Source: DECHEMA Society for Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology e.V.

X-Visual is a member of ENPRO 2.0 initiative ORCA project

Successful kick off meeting of ENPRO 2.0 ORCA project partner – Efficient orchestration of modular plants Image: DECHEMA Gesellschaft f├╝r Chemische Technik und Biotechnologie e.V.

More information about ENPRO 2.0 ORCA (in German)

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